Welcome to Accessibility dot Net
Nebraska and Iowa distributor of NuEyes featuring the ODG Smartglasses. 

 Accessibility dot Net, Inc. understands the importance of reading and writing for persons that have low vision because these abilities allow us to enrich our minds and express ourselves.

NuEyes gives those who suffer from vision loss the ability to read, write, and maintain their independence. 

Whether you suffer from macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa or other visual impairments, our top-of-the-line magnifiers will help you to read and write again. They will help you enjoy pictures of your loves ones, and assist you in everyday activities like reading pharmacy labels and restaurant menus.

Accessibility dot Net also specializes in helping eye doctors add NuEyes to their businesses so the patients they serve can have access to NuEyes and life-time support from Accessibility dot Net, Inc.


The picture below is of four kids as seen with 20/20 normal vision.  Next there are four pictures which have been altered from the first picture of normal vision to give you an idea what it looks like for the most common types of visual impairments. 


Accessibility dot Net sells and supports NuEyes featuring ODG Smartglasses