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Accessibility is a legal requirement for many industries, including government, banking, transportation, retail, services, education, and healthcare, and we believe Accessibility is the solution to narrow the digital divide that exists today for older adults..

Accessibility dot Net is dedicated to helping persons with special needs.  We specialize in computers, tablets and smartphones that accommodate persons with disabilities.

Our partnership with America's leading Assistive Technology Company; NanoPac, Inc. link to NanoPac allows us to offer the best hardware and software products for you to purchase.

Once you own a product, this is where Accessibility dot Net can best help you!  We are the leaders in providing service, wither that proving training and technical support for people using screen readers, software magnification, scan-and-read programs, electronic note takers, Braille displays, Braille translation software, Braille embossers, and computers running Microsoft Windows or Apple OS.

The advance services we provide are JAWS scripting, training and technical support for persons who are blind and visually impaired.  We specialize in all of the technology to help the blind, including computers running Microsoft Windows with a screen reader, software magnification, braille translator and scan and read software. 


Accessibility.TV offers free on-line videos to help you learn more.

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Check out Accessibility.TV which is dedicated to help all people with disabilities by providing their website which promotes Assistive Technology.  Assistive Technology is the great equalizer as it allows the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the physically disabled to gain access, and the list goes on to the solutions it provides.

Accessibility.TV is broken into three categories by the vendor (manufacturer), provider (reseller) and products. Each category is intended to help you learn more.  Their goal is to provide a website which becomes a source for all assistive technology. 

Link to their website:  Accessibility.TV