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Accessibility dot Net Service Company

Accessibility dot Net is a service company providing JAWS scripting, technical support and training.   We provide JAWS scripting, training and technical support for persons who are blind and visually imapired.  We specialize in all of the technology to help the blind, including computers running Microsoft Windows with a screen reader, software magnification, braille translator and scan and read software. 

We provide technical support and training for people using screen readers, software magnification, scan-and-read programs, electronic note takers, Braille displays, Braille translation software, Braille embossers, and computers running Microsoft Windows.


For more information, please call or email us today. 

Accessibility dot Net, Inc. is the creator and founder of several web based services and those are:

FaceBook - (https://www.facebook.com/accessibilitynet/) - Accessibility dot Net, Inc. is on Facebook.

Braille Shop - (http://BrailleShop.com) - The Braille Shop was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 2008 with the goal to increase awareness about braille and provide products.  Working with NanoPac, today the Braille Shop provides braille embossers, braille displays, and braille notetakers in 8 states. 

Braille Art - (http://BrailleArt.com) - Braille art was invented in 2008 at the Braille Shop and in 2016 its FaceBook pages received over one million views. 

Magnification Helpers - (http://MagnificationHelpers.com) - Magnification Helpers is a free service of Accessibility dot Net, Inc. where we promote NuEyes!  NuEyes is the best solution for someone with low vision to remain independent! 

Vision Helpers - (http://VisionHelpers.com) - Video Eyewear is the future as the smartphone is replaced with eyewear that includes a computer, camera and on-screen display.  This site promotes video eyewear.

VR Helpers - (http://VRhelpers.com) - On-line store providing books on VR - Virtual Reality.

AR Helpers - (http://ARhelpers.com) - On-line store providing books on AR - Augmented Reality.