Accessibility.net was founded by Patrick J. Fischer in Martin City, Missouri in 1997 as F1-Key, LLC which held a State Rehab Engineering contract.  The company was an authorized distributor VAR - Value Added Reseller for the leading manufacturers of technology which help persons who are blind and visually impaired from 1995 to 2014. 


Prior to that Patrick founded Share Technology in 1988 in Kansas City, Missouri which was a company that volunteered and also charged for his services as a technician.  Patrick discovered in the early 90’s that the technology for persons with disabilities was ahead of the curve as speech synthesis, text to speech, scan and read, voice recognition, to name a few, were not used in the mainstream. Persons with disabilities and the assistive technology they used, were early adopters to what we use on tablets and smartphones today.


In 1993 with the help of the director of RSB - Missouri Rehabilitation Service for the Blind, Patrick created the Laptop Reader for the Blind.  The Laptop Reader for the Blind used a CompuAdd laptop running Microsoft DOS and Windows 3.11, along with an Artic transport hardware synthesizer and a copy of Artic Win Vision screen reader. Here are two pictures from 1993 of the first  Laptop Reader for the Blind: 



  Laptop Reader for the blind - front view          Laptop Reader for the blind - rear view


In 1999 the company moved its office to Omaha, Nebraska and working out of an apartment grew sales in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas while holding a Rehab Engineering contract in Missouri. 


In 2000, BrailleCards.com was purchased with Patrick's partner Bob Varney of Lamar, Missouri.  This grew to become the Braille Mission which owned and operated 12 websites dedicated to braille.  The Braille Mission closed its doors in the Spring of 2014 and split off BrailleShop.com and BrailleCards.com to separate organizations.


In 2002 the first showroom featuring low vision products was open at 108th and Maple, and in 2003 a bigger showroom was opened at 120th and Center called the Low Vision Mart.  In 2004 F1-Key, LLC changed its corporate status to an S Corporation and renamed to Accessibility dot Net,  Inc. and moved to 111th and Fort. 


In 2006 Vision Helpers was branded as a US trademark and a showroom was opened in Des Moines, Iowa, Denver, Colorado and one in Omaha at 111th and Fort Street.  In the Spring of 2014, Vision Helpers closed the two showrooms.  Today Vision Helpers  promotes video eyewear that helps the visually imapired.  

May 2014, All product sales are now handled by NanoPac, Inc. out of Oklahoma and Patrick provides sales for NanoPac in Nebraska, Iowa and Colorado.  NanoPac provides computer related products for individuals with disabilities. NanoPac has assembled an extensive assistive technology capability.


Blindness and Low Vision Systems - NanoPac provides complete solutions - computers configured with the appropriate solution for you - or the components you need for your existing system.


Service - NanoPac is service-oriented. Call us for assistance in configuring a system to meet your needs. We provide technical support and service for all our products.


NanoPac's primary market is OK, AR, MO, NM, KS, NE, IA and CO.